What is a Skrmiish MoneyMatch?

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 11:22 AM

In a Skrmiish MoneyMatch you can wager against your skill to earn playing video games, we give you the chance to put your ability to the test, take on challenges and win prizes.

Think you can get 3 kills in a match? How about 7 kills and a top 10 finish? How about you put some cash on it? Select the MoneyMatch you want to play, choose how much you want to wager, and earn big when you win.

Our MMR algorithm assesses your skill level and gives you prizes based on your past in-game performance, this means rewards that meet your skill.

With fast results and instant payouts, MoneyMatch lets you jump into matches and earn cash!

What is MoneyMatch Rating (MMR)?

Just like the games you play, Skrmiish has its own player skill rating system called MoneyMatch Rating or MMR.

Your MMR determines how big your prize will be when you win a MoneyMatch. Your MMR is calculated based on your past performance in-game. More difficult MoneyMatches will come with higher MMR modifiers meaning bigger prizes. Adding more kills, a top 10 placement or a Victory Royale into your MoneyMatch will all increase your MMR.

Everyone's MMR is different and don't be alarmed when your MMR increases or decreases between matches. This is Skrmiish adjusting for your skill level as you play, after playing a few games your MMR will level out and shift only occasionally.

What is the max entry amount for a MoneyMatch?

If you have not made a deposit you can play for only £1 entry, by depositing you unlock entries up to £10 with even higher entry amounts coming soon.

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