Skrmiish Fair Play Policy

Modified on Mon, 12 Jun 2023 at 01:36 PM

At Skrmiish we aim to bring fun and competition to all our players, regardless of age, gender, race, health status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or religion. 

To ensure that our Players enjoy a fun, safe, and fair playing environment, we ask both our players and team members to abide by this Fair Play Policy. This policy offers guidelines as to what is considered fair and unfair play, and the penalties if a Player violates these guidelines.    

By Playing on Skrmiish you agree to the rules in our Terms and Conditions and the rules within this Fair Play Policy and it is at Skrmiish’s discretion to act regarding any of the matters that are listed here.   

Basic Rules

  •  One Skrmiish Account per player. Accounts cannot be shared or sold and the creation of multiple accounts for any reason will result in the banning of all your accounts.

  • All forms of cheating and game abuse are strictly prohibited. Any reports of this will be investigated thoroughly.

  • You must use a payment method that belongs to you when depositing or withdrawing money.

  • You will be required to verify your identity and age when withdrawing money through the Skrmiish Wallet – please only use identity documents that belong to you and ensure all the information you submit is correct.

  • All Skrmiish Players must be 18 years or older to use the platform.

  • Any form of discrimination against our Players or Staff is strictly prohibited. Evidence of discrimination against Skrmiish Players or Team Members/Associates on our platform, Discord, or any other social channels will be taken very seriously. 

Standards of Conduct  

Skrmiish requires that its Team members, Players, and Partners treat everyone with equal respect and kindness. How our Players, Team members, and Skrmiish affiliates and Partners communicate with one another is very important to us. Abusive behaviour will NEVER be tolerated.   


Skrmiish is a platform for all. We take a strong stance against all forms of discrimination and harassment, whether it is based on religion, race, sexual orientation, disability, or any other status or characteristic. Evidence of discrimination against Skrmiish Players or Team Members/Associates on our platform Discord or any other social channels will be taken very seriously. 

Play Fair 

Skrmiish does not tolerate any forms of cheating in online games. Any allegations of cheating will be investigated thoroughly by our Anti-Cheat team. 

Be a Team Player 

No matter how often you solo queue, to be a great eSports player, even the solo queue warlords must learn how to play as a team. This means we play game modes the way they were intended to be played. When playing with a team we play for the team.  

Private Information is Private 

Sharing personal information through the Skrmiish platform or any of our social platforms is strictly prohibited, no matter whose information you are sharing. Whether it is your information or anyone else’s, private information must stay private. 

Your Account is for You 

By creating a Skrmiish Account you agree to be the only person that uses the account. Any forms of account sharing, selling or trading goes against our Terms of Service. Keep your login details secure, and if anyone reaches out to you requesting your account details, please contact Skrmiish Support. Skrmiish Support will never ask for your account password. 


We do not tolerate any forms of NSFW content on our platform or social channels. This includes but is not limited to nudity, pornography, and other sexual content as well as excessive profanity, extreme violence, gore, and other obscene conduct. If you know of a user sharing NSFW content on any of our channels, please reach out to Skrmiish Support. 

Keep it Legal 

Partaking in any form of illegal activity through the Skrmiish platform is strictly prohibited. This includes abiding by your region's laws regarding skill-based games. 


Not being aware of the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them. Help us make our games, as well as our community platforms, a fair and welcoming space. Respect our Terms and Conditions and Fair Play Policy, and encourage others to do the same.  

How to Report Violations of the Fair Play Policy

If you witness behaviour that is in violation of our Fair Play policy, please report the incident to our support team with a clear description of the incident – we will undertake a thorough review of the issue and take the necessary actions.  

Please report any suspected violations by using the “Contact Support" button on the wallet page in-app or by sending us an email:   

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